Service Advantages for the S.M.A.R.T Choice

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Client Portal
  • Verify balances and payments
  • Report payments
  • Print and view agency performance statistics
  • Electronic Legal submissions
Attorney on Staff
  • A specialized attorney that works for CCB only
  • Handling over 700 legal actions per month
  • Helpful in securing large balance accounts
  • No other clients to sidetrack the legal process
  • Ensures FDCPA and HIPAA Compliance
In office Client Service Department
  • You won’t get the runaround when calling our office
  • We have the experience to quickly resolve any question
Consumer Portal
  • Ability for electronic communications
  • Ability to accept payments 24/7
Dedicated Client Relations Manager
  • To provide regular scheduled updates
  • To provide in-house collection seminars
  • To assist your accounts receivable staff
  • Dedicated to serve your business
Paperless Communications
  • Electronic listings
  • Electronic statements
  • Client View
  • HIPAA Compliant Instant Chat
70+ Full-Time Collection Reps
  • The largest collection staff in the Midwest
  • They work a variety of shifts
  • Experienced with ongoing training
  • SMART collections approach
Proven Results & Competitive Rates
  • CCB has won numerous champion challenges
  • A low rate is worthless without results
  • Over 35 years of collection experience
  • State of the art skiptracing tools


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